eb Edi beryl Ltd is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. eb™ Edi beryl Ltd was founded in 2017,

  1. Dr P Jha, MBBS, MD (Int. medicine), CCR, CPCR. A 3rd generation physician & consultant from a family of medical and government doctors; with years’ experience in multi-national hospitals (under cardiology, gastroenterology & stroke units) & hence the essence of nutritional & pharmaceutical science involved in it.
  2. Mrs V Kaur, Inorganic Chemistry Scientist with experience in Quality control & regulatory affairs for more than 80+ countries, with experiences from various pharmaceutical & medical research institutes.

Our emphasis is on the systemic development, quality, innovation and efficacy of our product and eb™ Edi beryl Ltd has been unique entity in the field of food-based health supplementation for many years. We work closely with our Medical Colleagues, Doctors, Nurses and Research Scientists to produce formulations, which are highly efficacious, bio-available, and innovative for the targeted organ-system nutrition or for the general body health conditions. Our conceptualised products are backed by experience, research and studies. We have a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service.

eb™ Edi beryl Ltd is a quality brand in the health supplements market, with a comprehensive portfolio of over 400 health related products. Our products are available for Independent pharmacies and health food shops; it is also distributed to many countries worldwide. eb™ strives to provide the best in quality, innovation and value. We are known for our leadership edge, through our passion for high standards, our respect for diversity and our commitment to create exceptional high-quality products.

We consider that the supplements most appropriate and safe for human ingestion are those in which the nutrients are presented in the same form as those in food – as the nutrients are in our Food supplements. These are bio-active nutrient complexes containing all the associated food factors in which they occur in nature. If a substance is appropriate to metabolic activity, you do not need high levels – and that is fundamental to our nutritional philosophy.

We aim to make regular donations of supplements to charities and those in need. We aim a significant contribution to the health of our customers and this is more important to us than profit.


All our products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science and proven with results.    eb™ Edi beryl Ltd products are for those who are serious about health, trust that nature holds the key to real health and want a company they can believe in.

What’s in our name?

‘Edi’ is Sanskrit for ‘healing’ & ‘Beryl’ originates from the Sanskrit term vaiḍūrya and is taken from the word for a Gemstone or more precisely a silicate mineral, usually of green, blue, red, white and yellow color.  ‘Beryl’ was considered a token of good luck. So ‘Edi beryl’ is interpreted as “Healing Gemstone” and hence a token of Good Health. We seek to achieve this through scientific and natural nutritional support, represented through our supplements and educational programme.


This is depicted in our logo as eb (™of our company) by the product bottle. Our products’ in ‘classic PharmaPac HDPE, non-reactive & temperature control’ containers represents science, and the science based approach of our company. Our product innovation is driven by the latest science based evidence.  The logo is completed by the historic Union-Jack which represents a global perspective in our services while supplying a British Brand to everyone on this planet.

As we combine the latest nutritional science and research by formulating products as close to nature, by virtue of combining the latest innovation in daily science, our clinical experience in internal medicine & human body; hence are the standard of our food based vitamins and minerals since our inception. This ethos is encapsulated in our ‘by-line’ – EDI BERYL.

Mission Statement

To establish eb™ as the market leading supplier of premium quality and innovative products within the healthcare sector, offering world-class customer service, respected for consistent, stable business relationships. To be known for understanding the customer’s needs and being proactive and responsive in meeting and exceeding them.


Our Philosophy – Customer Focus & Excellent Service

eb™ philosophy has been to provide a range of products that are carefully researched, nutritionally advanced & balanced, which help to supplement the many and varied dietary needs of the whole body homoeostasis & hence the whole family(s). We are committed to maintaining an innovative and creative approach to our products, many of which reflect the latest research in the field of nutrition and health.


Quality, Well Researched Products

Where possible, all eb™ products are manufactured from natural sources and are free from additives, artificial colouring, flavouring, yeast, gluten, salt, sugar and dairy products. Many products are suitable for vegetarians and a growing number also for vegans. We believe in using only the finest ingredients to create high-quality products, which are rigorously tested for purity and potency ensuring they match up to the high standards we expect from our products. We constantly review and reformulate our products in order to provide high-quality products that produce many positive health benefits for our customers with increasing nutritional needs of the human body in hard times. eb™ range of products are produced without cruelty to animals and to the most effective modern formulations.

EDI BERYL – The Healthy Choice

Good nutrition is vital to being healthy, fit, away from illness, happy blissful mind & fully functional body. Even if you think you have a healthy diet, you may well be missing out on some vital vitamins and minerals that either lag in natural dietary concentrations, or not consumed out of taste / culture / others.

eb™ supports the ethos of optimal health by providing products of the highest quality & variety, for our customers & their respective need(s) of health maintenance at any point of time; as health itself is a changing phenomenon in synchronisation with various organ systems & not just a constant state.


We hope you found the information on eb™, beneficial and welcome any feedback about our products and services.

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eb™ Nutraceuticals / eb™ Food Supplements: eb™ Signature & General Products, British / MHRA GMP, Designed & Manufactured In United Kingdom, ≥400 Formulations with ≥40 Unique ones for various health needs. Nutraceuticals Are Labelled As Per UK-FSA Guidelines.

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